May’s first and final battles


KHR! OP&ED Covers • 802759 and Reborn

I don’t… I don’t want to give up either! I want to stay in the swim club, and I want to decide all kinds of things for myself!

Kanda + Blue

"Since you were fighting hard all on your own in Australia, I thought I had to work hard to make my dream come true, too. Even when your letters stopped coming after a while, I never lost faith that you would break through any wall you faced. When I got to high school, I intensified my training even further, so that I could make my own dream come true. And I was sure that when I finally stood on the international stage, you would be there, too, Rin. So I continued my brutal training day after day, By that time there was no one left who could beat me. That was when it happened. I started sensing something was wrong with my shoulder. I ignored it and kept on swimming. But it made itself known more clearly by the day. How could I give up over something like this? I still had a long way to go to get stronger and faster than anyone else. And then… At last, my shoulder broke down completely.”


Sugawara Koushi in Episode 13.

disney’s four seasons + seasons of my love


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Kuroshitsuji | Black sushi chef


Iwatobi Swim Club Alternative Hair Colours 
Shinra Kishitani | Durarara!!


favourite character meme → [2/8] quotes

"Isn’t the ‘right-hand man’ the leader of the Guardians, whom the boss trusts most of all? That’s out of the question if the one who’s supposed to be leading is always looking aside."


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